Reftele Gjuteri AB is a casting foundery. We have worked with casting of aluminum products Since 1947.


With long experience of cast aluminum and various methods such as hand molding, block molding and shell molding along with knowledgeable staff, we ensure that our customers will be satisfied.

Reftele Gjuteri AB

When the business was started in 40th century, milk coolers, the main product. Over the years, both the product range and customer numbers increased. We turn now to customers in various fields such as automotive industry, pump industry and food industry.

Our mission is to offer our customers a complete solution, from drawing board to finished product. We have an extensive network of different companies that build models, perform machining and finishing. Reftele Foundry use three methods when we produce cast aluminum: hand molding, block molding, machine molding type Mass-Matic.We also mediate chill casting and die casting

Hand molding in green sand molding is an unbeatable method for the production of aluminum castings in series of 1 to 50 copies of a weight such as 500 kg. Block Molding is used for larger castings and shorter runs. Chill casting to small and medium series We also manufacture various kinds of prototypes. We create the series of 40-60 details before we make a die casting tool to ensure that the product works. Aluminum is a material having good properties to enable us to create high quality products.

Aluminium has:

+ good strength
+ high conductivity good castability

Today the company is run by Lars-Gunnar Sandberg along with Henrik Harrysson and David Stenberg.


Reftele Foundry holds ISO 9001 certification and ISO 14001.

Reftele Foundry is also a member of the Swedish Foundry Association.


Reftele Gjuteri AB, Pallgatan 5, 33021 Reftele
David Stenberg, E-mail, Tel: +46 371 202 67

Ekbergs gjuteri AB, Granstigen 7, 33021 Reftele
Henrik Harrysson, E-mail, Tel: +46 371 202 23

Administration, Pallgatan 5, 33021 Reftele
Caroline, E-mail, Tel: +46 371 202 01

Ekberg’s Metal Foundry

Ekberg’s Metal Foundry is a sister company to Reftele Foundry. We manufacture in addition to sand castings in aluminum and copper alloys including gifts and decorative items in bronze.